Distinction “PME EXCELÊNCIA 2020”

It’s a great pleasure to inform that, in addition to the acquisition of the statute PME Leader for the second consecutive time, we integrate the restricted group of companies with the prestigious distinction of “PME Excelencia 2020”.

“The PME Excellence statute is attributed by IAPMEI and Tourism of Portugal in partnership with a group of banks and the Mutual Garantie Companies.
It’s a reputation seal that allows companies to report with their suppliers, clients, financial system and national and regional authorities, based in trust, faciliting the development of business.
For the export companies and with international level, the statute PME Excellence is particularly relevant, constituting a differentiation factor and a guarantee of soundness and reputation of companies.
The PME Excellence is selected by IAPMEI and Tourism of Portugal, in a range of PME Leader companies, in a fair recognition of their merit and their contribution to the results of the economy.”

This recognition, is a huge reward to all work developed every day, which stand out our quality in the world of steel structures services, consolidating the growth and giving visibility to constant evolution of SOMACOORDENADAS.

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